Ignite Your Destiny International – Kenya is legally allowed by NGO’s Council of Kenya to operate within the following Counties:

  1. Meru County

  2. Embu County

  3. Tharaka Nithi County

  4. Nairobi County




Abuse prevention on Gender Based violence (GBV) 

Gender Based violence (GBV) affects 30% of women worldwide and more than 50% of women living in conflict or post-conflict communities. The prevention of GBV is important, not only because it is a violation of women's rights and freedoms, but also because GBV negatively affects economic growth and perpetuates structural poverty.

Ignite Your Destiny International – Kenya aims to better understand how to design effective and efficient interventions aimed at reducing GBV, especially among vulnerable groups in the communities within Meru, Embu, Tharaka Nithi and Nairobi Counties. Ignite Your Destiny International – Kenya Purse to women leaders on how to counsel and rehabilitate victims of gender-based abuse.


Maternal health

The loss of women’s lives is a human right violation. We, Ignite Your Destiny International – Kenya, can no longer accept that half a million women die every year from preventable complications of pregnancy, childbirth and unsafe abortion—one woman every minute. No woman should die giving life. Obstetric supplies, medicine, vitamins, and specialized training are among the ways we improve the well-being of pregnant women and mothers of newborns in remote villages and impoverished communities. This fills a critical gap in healthcare, provides peace of mind for young mothers, and helps save the lives.

Health education, if it reaches communities at all, often focuses exclusively on individual behavior change rather than on patients’ rights or government policy. Women and adolescent girls are taught why birth spacing is important, for example, but not which services should be free or which family planning options they’re entitled to.

Legal empowerment efforts deploy community paralegals—sometimes known as health advocates—who make essential information accessible to everyone by breaking down health policy and rights into simple terms and using local languages.

Paralegals support women and adolescent girls to exercise their rights and seek redress when things go wrong. Paralegals engage in “casework”, walking alongside their clients to pursue remedies to specific grievances with respect to health service delivery.



Vocational Training

With little education and no job skills, many youth and women – particularly single mothers – must beg or scavenge to provide for themselves and their families. Ignite Your Destiny International – Kenya Purse provides training and equipment for sewing, food service, and other productive livelihoods.



The Ignite Your Destiny International – Kenya is directly involved in the local level lobby and advocacy focusing on community priorities. Through its thematic areas of its activities the organization assists in the baseline survey to identify key priority issues to be used for lobbying and advocacy. The Ignite Your Destiny International – Kenya engages in dialogue forums with Partners and County Government stakeholders separately to identify and address policy gaps on its thematic areas. The consultative forums are used to organize, to enable the stakeholders to engage in monitoring the implementation of the policies, assess challenges and best practices as well as hold stakeholders accountable for their prior commitments.

Techniques for effective advocacy used by Ignite Your Destiny International – Kenya:

• Policy monitoring and public accountability
• Policy dialogue – ICT and mainstream development policy
• Campaigns for policy change
• Building the advocacy capacity of stakeholder groups
• Pathfinder and demonstrator projects
Advocacy planning and implementation by Ignite Your Destiny International – Kenya:
A) Preliminary steps
  1. Identifying the problems and the policy issues

  2. Defining the advocacy goal

  3. Consulting and building relationships

  4. Establishing credibility as an advocate

B) Analyzing the policy environment
  1. Identifying relevant policies, laws and regulations

  2. Mapping relations of power and decision making

  3. Considering the options for policy change

C) Developing the strategy
  1. Focusing on the goal and objectives

  2. Identifying the target audiences

  3. Identifying allies and opponents

  4. Selecting the advocacy approach

  5. Identifying the key messages

D) Framing the plan
  1. Preparing a plan of action

  2. Budgeting and identifying resources

  3. Risk assessment

E) Implementation
  1. Getting the message across

  2. Using the media

  3. Building partnerships and coalitions

  4. Employing tactics and negotiation

  5. Monitoring and evaluation



Water and Sanitation

The Ignite Your Destiny International – Kenya is directly involved on provision of quality water and sanitation to communities in the following ways:

  1. To have an effective coordination, accountability, collaboration and engagement with Governments, intergovernmental organizations, regional bodies and other actors.

  2. To increase access to water and sanitation by the poor and underserved through provision of information and specialized technical support to communities in counties to carry out fundraising, design and implementation of sustainable water and sanitation programs and services.

  3. To enable citizens to participate in decision making, contribute to policy making, sustainable implementation and management of water and sanitation services through provision of appropriate tools, information and knowledge on water and sanitation.

  4. To strengthen communities’ capacity and governance structures to effectively engage in water and sanitation service delivery activities, advocacy, learning, research, communication and documentation at all levels.

  5. To advocate and campaign for right to water for all, favorable water and sanitation policies, interventions and legislative frameworks that ensures access to water and sanitation for all especially for the poor and under-served.

  6. To advocate for political prioritization of water and sanitation in county plans and budgets with a view of assisting county governments to achieve the right to water and sanitation for all and monitor progress on implementation of national and international commitments and reforms in water and sanitation provision.

  7. To provide a forum for a collective voice for county communities to influence sector policies, priorities and programmes. 

  8. To conduct research on specific organization and community based issues for knowledge building. 



HIV/Aids and TB Health Care

People living with HIV who have a low CD4 count are at a much higher risk of falling ill from TB infection than HIV negative people. 

It is important to offer both HIV testing to TB patients and TB diagnosis in HIV patients. Early detection and effective treatment are essential to preventing TB-associated deaths.

Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV are strongly linked. Whereas people with healthy immune systems may not fall ill from latent TB infection (when a person has TB but does not have any symptoms), people living with HIV with a low CD4 count are much more susceptible to active TB (when TB infection leads to illness). In fact, the risk of developing active TB is estimated to be 20 times greater in people living with HIV than in people who are HIV-negative.

The Ignite Your Destiny International – Kenya Purse provides for political commitment to acknowledge and address HIV/TB co-infection, starting with an increase in funding. Until this happens, countless people living with HIV will continue to die from TB – a disease that is entirely preventable and curable.